Our Journey


Our passion for good things in life is carefully woven into this business as we endeavor to source out the best for you! 

Hi, I am Ash! We are a small family-owned business based in South Auckland, New Zealand and we are excited to share this platform with you where we come together to appreciate the world of fashion and beauty in all sizes, shapes and color.     

BFF Boutique was born out of passion to do something new. Longing for change from 16 years of corporate life eventually led to rejuvenating my creative and entrepreneurial flair. Losing a fixed income and starting from scratch wasn't easy but I just could not let go of the opportunity to change my lifestyle. The yearning to do this was greater than the fear of failure. If there was one time in life, I wasn't afraid of change, it was now, it was this!

In October, 2018 BFF Boutique opened its doors at 63 St George Street, Papatoetoe, Auckland. A fruitful 2019 with promising growth was quickly dampened by the unprecedented March 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Just like any other business, we suffered a huge blow. However, I wasn’t prepared to give up on our hard work just yet. Business is all about risks. Taking calculated risks at the right time will always pay off, I have learnt. Coming out of the first lockdown, we ultimately decided to go ahead with some of our expansion plans. A bold step into Tailoring & Alterations to complement our business saw us opening up our second premise in the same town Centre. By doing so we created employment for 3 others amidst the Covid chaos and started bulk of our clothing manufacturing here.

2020 played cat and mouse as we came in and out of lockdowns. It was mentally exhausting and were the most challenging and excruciating times in our lives at all levels. To be able to continue this journey, we constantly had to chop, change and adapt to the new circumstances. Status quo wasn’t the answer anymore. Things were moving fast and digital was the name of the game. The August 2020 lockdown gave me an opportunity to learn and build my own website on Shopify! I spent weeks learning, researching and slowly started the build. Countless trials, failures, help desk knocks combined with bursting moments of proclaimed glory with self-declaration of the genius I was when something did strike the right chord….it was just a mind-blowing journey full of pleasant surprises as I discovered my new potential! In about 3 months’ time we launched the website. The best feeling in the world when we got our first sale within 7 minutes of launch! The Go Live was a success!

Since 2020 it’s been a hell of a “corona-coaster”! Pivoting and changing business plans at the right time was the key to our survival. With that said, we ultimately had to close the tailoring & alterations business after 2 years and focus back on ready to wear garments at the Boutique.

I can proudly say this business is built on a solid foundation of endurance as we continue to expand, explore and become financially sustainable as a business. 
The journey has just begun….



Symbolizing new beginnings, I  adopted the Koro to start my new lifestyle, stronger and ready to grow with a sense of fulfillment. Having done the hard yards, on 2 October, 2018 we finally opened our doors at 63 Saint George Street, Papatoetoe, Auckland. Oh! what joy it has been meeting the locals and striking up conversations.

It is true, we learn so much about different cultures simply through conversations on clothes, jewelry and food. BFF Boutique isn't just a shop, it's where we come together making the circle bigger as much as getting deeper into each other's hearts.



We are a family owned small business and very proud of our humble beginnings. Just like you and any other New Zealander we work hard to meet the needs of our family. We believe our customers are our most valuable assets and we will forever uphold high ethics whilst running this business to success. 









You can shop online from the comfort of your space or indulge in retail therapy at our Papatoetoe Boutique. You are guaranteed same terms & conditions and consumer policies on both platforms. We carefully select and design styles that are trendy, unique, comfortable and most importantly value for money. If you are ever unhappy about any product or our service, simply talk to us!